Are you looking for the best country to start a new business?

Check out the infographic below if you are trying to look for a country to start a new business. According to the infographic below, it seems that America is not the best choice. If I’m going to start a new business, Canada will be my first pick. Of cause there are other factors which I need to consider before making my final decision. Language and culture of the country are also part of my concern. It is not just business that we need to handle but also other things like food, communication, entertainment and the people around the work place. Most important of all the tax issue which the local government impose on foreign investors. If the local government does not support foreign businesses to setup in their country, I probably won’t do it even if it is easy to start a business in that country. Obviously we have to make sure that it is possible to start a business and make money in that country. We also have to check if it is going to be easy or not. Finally we need to know if it is safe to live in that country or not.



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