An Interesting Blog post of a Designer who Successfully launched the First eBook

I found an opportunity.

My business is succeeding because it began with an understanding of customers.

Apologizing and fixing the problem was not only the right thing to do, but it drove more sales by word of mouth.

SEO and multivariate testing can’t do much if people don’t want your product.

All the above sentences are taken from the blog post title “$30,000 eBook Sales. In 2 Months.” from Studio Follow. These are some of fine words which can help sell your eBooks successfully. If you are planning to create an eBook and trying to sell it online, check out the blog by Jarrod Drysdale. Especially if you are a designer just like Jarrod Drysdale, his experience in creating his first edition of eBook might be very helpful.

After going through the blog post, I notice that he only focus on two simple strategies. He basically just focuses on creating a good product and provides a good customer service. And of cause he did a lot of research. One thing I notice is never make any decision on assumption, instead we need to research and look at facts.

P/S: I suppose anybody can create and sell eBooks online. They just have to spend time doing research and well prepared. I’m sure if you put your heart into it and give it 100% of hard work, you will make money selling it.



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