An Experience of Running a Website of Online Social Network

Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and MyYearBook are some of the successful online social network nowadays. There are lots of money making opportunities online within if you are able to run a successful online social network. If you are hoping to create a social network for FREE, perhaps you can try out BuddyPress. Although it is a simple WordPress-powered social network but it should be enough for newbie to learn and gain some experience. If you are seriously trying to run a social network, check out the blog post “ – The End to an Experiment in Social Networking” The experience, analysis and explanation provided is very valuable and can be very helpful. It is a must read article for those who wish to run a social network online.

Below are the 6 lesson learned listed in the article:

  1. Users will interact if it’s easy
  2. The world is full of thoughtful users with reasoned opinions
  3. The world is full of trolls, spammers, bigots and narrow-minded partisans
  4. The community will control spam if given the tools
  5. Every loophole will be exploited
  6. Social networks must grow to survive

As you can see that spamming and loophole exploit are two of the major problems they need to deal with when running a social network. But at the end it is the potential growth of the social network website matters most. At the end of the day, only social network which has huge amount of users can generate income.

P/S: Eventually, you have to decide if you are running a social network for fun or to make money.



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