An Example of Site Which Makes Money From Google Adsense

As a publisher, we are constantly looking for ways to maximize earnings from Google Adsense. Traffic and content are the two most important factors that affect the earning potential of a blog or website. Sites with good content and huge amount of traffic can make a lot of money not just from Google Adsense but also from any other advertising company.

While in pursuit for money making opportunities online, it is encouraging to check out blogs or websites that make money successfully from Google Adsense. These sites can give us motivation and a lot of ideas on how to improve our own site. We can compare these sites with our blog or website to see if we are still not giving enough effort to reach our goal. Check out the blog post title “Adding a new ad unit helps Concertboom boost revenue 400% while maintaining site quality” from Google Inside Adsense. Instead of looking at the amount of revenue increase, we should study and look at how a Google Adsense earning site should be. definitely is one of the sites every publisher is working towards. Before publishers starting to boost Google Adsense revenue, the site quality and user experience should at least match Concertboom.

P/S: Study the site Concertboom and make sure that your site has the same or better quality and user experience. After that you can start work on increase Google Adsense revenue.



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