An Artist who Successfully Becomes Full time With Google Adsense

On the latest blog post title “PubTalk: Philip Martin talks about becoming a full-time artist with Google Adsense” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, the story of Philip Martin is very inspiring. Especially for those who try to make money via Google Adsense, his story definitely gives motivation and encouragement. The video presented above is also shown in the blog post too. I decided to attach the video clip in this blog because it’s encouraging and motivating.

Philip Martin started off with just a hobby of creating clip art. He creates a site and uploads his work online. As the site begins to pick up traffic, he began to insert Google Adsense ads to bring in some revenue. It started off as part time job but later becomes full time when he lost his job. He was a teacher but end up as a full time artist. This is the kind of story which we often heard, a successfully entrepreneur, artist or designer who is able to earn a living with Google Adsense. Many people who are inspired by the story try to walk the same path but not all of them taste success. Is it really that difficult trying to make a living with Google Adsense? There must be a reason why success is not knocking on the door.

  • Now let’s take a look at some of the facts which contribute to the success of Philip Martin.
  • It took years of work before success.
  • It started off as a hobby, then part time, and finally become a full time artist.
  • He has a skill which is able to create his own products and content.

P/S: Of cause there might be some other issues, problems and difficulties which we might not aware of because it is such a short video clip. Although we might not know most of the real story, but at least the above facts are common among other successful entrepreneurs.



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