Alternative money making opportunities while providing online services to offline businesses

When you are providing online services to offline business owners, you work is not done after getting their businesses online. You next step or task is to teach these offline business owners how to make use of online tools such as blog, website, email, social network and many more. Please take note that not everybody knows how to use a smartphone for social network, email and blogging. And you will notice that some smartphone owners only know how to make a phone call and SMS. They bought it because it is a trend and a way to show off their identity. They have no idea how to make use of all the cool functions within.

You may offer to teach them basic function with a small amount of fee. You may even consider providing free basic lessons for blogging, social networking and emailing. Just provide basic lesson for them to get starting and they will discover there are lot more to learn. Either way, they have to be interested and able to spend some time and energy learning all about it. Usually most offline small business owners tend to do most of the work themselves without hiring any employee. By the end of the day, they don’t have much time and energy to learn and manage their business online. The simplest and easiest way for them is to hire a person to manage their online marketing and promoting strategy. This is the alternative money making opportunity which you can go for after setting up website, blog and Google places for business. This is actually a service which most of them will be willing to spend if they felt an increase of business deals or customers.

But still in order to gain better results, you still have to work things out with offline business owners. They need to be at least taking care of emailing and using social network such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. That means they need to be able to communicate with customers using basic online tools. Remember that you are actually selling a service to help offline small business owners bring in more customers using online tools. In order to do that you need to help them communicate with each other online. In other words you need to bring customers close to offline business owners using online tools.



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