Ads are annoying unless goodies are given

Ads are annoying especially if you are working online trying to research for information for your work requirement. It basically increases the work load by trying to filter out the ads in order to discover the needed information. This is probably the main reasons people often install ads blockers because it actually helps to improve work efficiency. As a publisher, I understand the important of ads online because it is the main reason which I am trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online. As an online user, I wish the ads blockers can filter out every single ad so that I won’t have to spend extra time and effort trying to filtering them. It is kind of a conflicting mindset if you are a publisher and an online user. The big question is how you persuade online users to accept ads without feeling annoying.

Eventually everybody will start to use ads blockers if they knew the existence of the program and know how to use them. Although online users understand the importance of ads towards publishers, there is no reason to allow ads on their screen because it basically doesn’t concern them directly. The best way to make online users accept the existence of ads is to give some goodies or benefits in return. In other words, if online users allow ads to display on their screen, they will be given special treatment, gift or privilege. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. It can be as simple as giving out free customizing screensaver, wallpaper or smartphone skin. You can even give a special discount rate for shopping online. This is obviously way better than trying to create good acceptable ads. The truth is no matter how good the ads are created, it is still consider annoying. You cannot force users to accept the ads unless certain benefits or goodies are given. Perhaps Google can start by asking online users if they prefer to have ads on their screen or not.



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