A Word About My Money Making Opportunities

When it comes to blogging and maintaining blogs, hard work is much easier than being consistent and doing the same thing repeatedly again and again. Keeping a daily schedule with routine work is much more difficult than working hard. Unless we can make it a habit and making it as part of our daily activities just like brushing teeth, it can become a pressure to us. It took me years to make blogging an activity which I need to do every day to feel good. At the beginning it is very exciting to blog as there are so many things I can write about. Once I’ve use up almost every ideas and topics which I can think about, it started to become a burden. That is the time when I keep on asking “What else can I blog?” In order to solve this problem, I began to read a lot either online or offline so that I can come out with something to write about. This is the time when I’m trying to find a balance between information input and blogging output. Now that I found the equilibrium, I need to read and blog every day in order to feel right. It has become a daily activity which I need to do to complete my day. Once I’ve reach this status, blogging and writing has become my priority concern rather than making money online. I suppose this is what we call doing what we like and money will come in eventually.

If we choose to do what we like, we cannot expect to make a lot of money at the beginning. There might be a chance to make more money later, but there is no guarantee. In most cases, we tend to choose to do anything just for a higher pay. This is a choice we need to make once we are out from school and start working. It’s solely depends on what you think is important to you.



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  1. Anny says:

    This is not only related to blogs or online business, but for everything. Consistency and discipline are important. Everyday work and new ideas implementation.