A story can help increase money making opportunities online

It is always good to tell a story when you are trying to promote a product or service. And blog is certainly a good place to do it. Check out the infographic below on how story can help increase values and revenue. The concept is actually very simple. Story can help make readers or customers understand the product or service better. It is obvious that the true value of the product or service can only be defined when people or customers get to know them better. People won’t just buy anything without knowing what they are getting. So it is normal especially for salesperson to do a lot of explanation and storytelling before customers are being persuaded to buy anything. In the case of a blog, you can try to write an attractive interesting story to promote your product or service. You can also include videos, photos, numbers and statistic to back your story. Usually your own experience is the best story as it is unique. You don’t have to worry about the price of the product or service that you are promoting if you are able to tell an interesting story. The story which you wrote will help readers or customers to decide if that is the right price to pay for it. Remember that not everybody is looking for the cheapest price. Most people will just pay if the price is right for them.



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