A Look Back at Mobile and Smartphone Impact Towards Money Making Opportunities Online

There are only few days left for year 2011 and soon we will be welcoming 2012. In 2011, mobile and smartphone devices have become the focus and center of money making opportunities online. Check out the blog post title “A look back at 2011” from Google Mobile Ads Blog as we review five major trends in 2011. Mobile and smartphone devices will continue to make news in 2012 and we should start paying attention in this area. Mobile and smartphone market will continue to create lots of money making opportunities online, and Facebook mobile advertising plan will be one of the main focuses.

The first major trend is everybody goes mobile. Before this we are only focus on laptop and desktop users. Now we have to include mobile and smartphone device users. This includes tablet users too. The new mobile users create a huge impact to business and advertising industry because of their spending power. Especially when analysis shows that mobile users tend to focus on entertainment and shopping, many companies and businesses started to jump into this industry.

The second major trend is mobile search transforms shopping. It actually changes the way people shop. People are relying on the information search on their mobile devices and decide when, where and how to shop. Some people even shop online using their mobile devices without visiting any shops.

The third major trend is progress which the mobile advertising pipes. At first there are only wording advertisement. Then photos, pictures and images are included to introduce products and services better. Now audio and video are included to make the advertisement lively. Customers are able to connect closer and closer to products and services.

The fourth major trend is tablets start to join the party. As people are starting to look for a bigger screen and more powerful function, tablets become the upgraded device after smartphone.

The fifth major trend is businesses start thinking mobile first. We are starting to see some businesses focus on mobile advertising and targeted specifically on mobile and smartphone users.

2012 is going to be all about mobile and smartphone related topics. I suppose this blog needs to include a new topic specifically for mobile money making opportunities online. And I think there will be lots of things to discuss and talk about.



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