A Good Business concept from TrialPay

While I’m searching for money making opportunities online, I happen to stumble upon a website call TrialPay. TrialPay is actually an online payment and promotions platform. It works just like PayPal but with some differences in their business style. TrialPay has a get it free model which I think we all should take a look. It is a business strategy that I think benefits for all parties. That includes TrialPay, customers and advertisers.

The get it free model goes like this. Lets say customer has a product A that he wants to purchase. In stead of just paying directly for product A, the customer can get it free by purchasing a different products. Of cause all the products involved have to be under TrialPay. That means customers can get product A for free by just purchasing a daily necessary products. In this case, for sure customers who are familiar with shopping online will have nothing to lose. As for the merchant of product A, the merchant will get pay by TrialPay using the money from the advertisers. In this case the money will from the advertiser who sold the daily necessary products. If you feel that you need detail explanation regarding how this deal works, please visit TrialPay on How it Works.

I think this really is a good business strategy because all the parties involved benefits. It’s what we call a win win situation. In my opinion this business strategy works because of a few reasons. First of all is the psychological effect of FREE. When customers are told they can purchase a product and get another product for free, the temptation is irresistible. Not to mention customers are just purchasing for those necessary goods, it is considered an absolutely fair deal. Second is that TrialPay is able to gather so many merchants and share the profits from the same customer. I suppose this is call working together to create more business opportunities.

The reason that I wanted to share this because I feel that this is a good business strategy. Perhaps some day we might be able to make use of this idea too. We can just do it in a small scale with just 10 person. All we have to do is just provide a different services and promote a “Get 1 Free 1” idea. This way all 10 person can introduce their readers to each other. Don’t you think this is a good idea?



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