A Closer Look at Google Small Business Blog

I introduced Google Small Business Blog few days ago. As mention before Google Small Business Blog is a central hub that gathers information on Google products, features and projects especially related to small business community. After checking out the blog for few days, it seems that Google Small Business Blog can be very helpful for offline small businesses. Well, at least the last couple of blog post did actually provide lots of help in bringing more customers.

The first blog post that I’m referring to is collecting audience input with Google Sites and Moderator. With the help of Google Moderator, small businesses can set up a page which allows customers to submit and voting on suggestions. For example you can embed Google Moderator on your suggestions page to get input from your customers if you have a restaurant website. Customers that normally make reservations or check out your menu online before visiting your restaurant most probably will leave a few words. All information gather from customers are very important as that is how we improve by providing services required.

The second blog post is about businesses that added their Gone Google Story to the community map. Businesses that are using Google Apps actually are seeing improvement either in business or management. That includes small businesses that are not familiar with information technology or are still doing business the old traditional way. Although these businesses did not actually make full use of Google Apps and other online tools, but still some simple communication and document sharing is just enough to give their business a big jump of improvement. A little bit of change or improvement on business might receive a big reward that we did not expect. But still we have to try it out in order to figure out the true effect.

P/S: It is true that Google Apps and other online tools bring larger benefits especial to those small businesses. It’s the best way to promote and introduce products to largest crowd with smallest cost. And best of all it is the easiest and simplest way for customers to place orders too.



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2 Responses to “A Closer Look at Google Small Business Blog”

  1. Technical Jobs says:

    This is pretty much exciting. Hopefully that blog will be full of information.

  2. Andy says:

    About a day ago I apply new strategy to my free blog at blogger. I added RSS feeds in feedburner and after that I submit to 150 RSS feed directories. Results are really impressive. Probably because this blog is very small niche, but it makes my traffic 10 times more as well I think this is working very well for SEO because I saw that my link popularity is higher now.