8 simple steps to make blog easy and comfortable to read so that readers stay

Reading from screen is difficult then reading from papers. People that are not use to reading on screen get tired easily even just 20 minutes staring at the screen. Bare this in mind and always make your blog post easy and comfortable to read. In order to do that, below are few tips that you should check out.

  1. Font size and type. Always apply the most comfortable and easy viewing combination. First you have to be able to accept the viewing combination. Next you have to get feedback from your readers. The best trick that you can use is ask your parents to read you blog and see if they feel comfortable reading it.
  2. Use short post or paragraphs. Keep your content simple and straight to the point. Try reduced the time readers spend in reading each post. Quality and quantity of post is equality important.
  3. Use white background and dark text. That’s what everybody is used to reading at either if its newspapers, magazines or books. Having a familiar comfortable reading environment makes readers stay and read on.
  4. No sign up or registration. The moment that you ask your readers to sign up they leave. That‘s because the first thing that come to their mind is “too troublesome, check out other sites”. That’s because there are just too many choices around.
  5. Advertisement that mix within content. Readers hate advertisement. The last thing that they want is a lead to some strange advertisement. If you decided to place advertisement, at least make it obvious and let the readers decide to click it or not. Not by confusing readers and trick them on clicking it.
  6. Guide readers so they won’t get lost. Create a sitemap for your blog is the best way to guide your readers. If you have a simple blog then categories your post so that readers can go through your blog easily.
  7. RSS feeds or newsletter. Instead of asking readers to visit your blog, bring your blog to your readers. Let your readers have the choice of reading your blog through their emails or RSS feeds.
  8. Internet Explorer or Firefox. Make sure that your blog appears nicely using either Internet Explorer or Firefox. It will be good if you’re able to confirm other browsers too but it will be good enough if you just check out the 2 main browsers.

There are lots more minor things that you can improve to make readers easy and comfortable reading your blog. That’s up to you to figure it out as this is a nonstop continues project. Couple of way that you can improve this. First is become a reader to your blog. Second, get a friend to read your blog and comment on it. There is always room for improvement. You just have to listen to what others have to say.



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4 Responses to “8 simple steps to make blog easy and comfortable to read so that readers stay”

  1. Kumo, 8 very helpful tips for everyone to remember when getting their blog ready for the viewing public. I especially like the one about the white background, I’m afraid that these black background themes that are sprouting up everywhere are terribly hard to read and makes one want to just skip the whole blog right there…Next! Unless they have a white font with it there are some that are just impossible to read and not enjoyable… even though I’m in my mmmm50 something I think it would be hard for even a younger person. Just something newbies should really think long & hard about before picking that theme. Great post Kumo. jj

  2. Kumo says:

    Both my parents can’t even look at the screen for 10 minutes. It seems that the bright LCD screen is not for them. I have to print out so that they can read on papers.

  3. Great post! I’m glad you mentioned the fact that if you require registration, most people won’t stick around. Too many people advise that getting a membership will get more people to your blog, but I agree with you! I know that’s how I am…if a site requires registration, thats exactly what I think: too much trouble!

  4. Kumo says:

    Thanks. If we don’t like it ourselves, than don’t expect others to like it too.