3 Simple health equipment that keep me on my journey of pursuing for money making opportunities online

The problem of trying to make money online is sitting in front of the computer for a long period of time. Sitting down for too long is actually bad for health because our body is built to move not to sit. Unfortunately when we decided to pursuit for money making opportunities online, most of our work requires us to sit in front of the laptop or desktop. Especially if you are a full time blogger, freelancer or live video streamer, you are basically starting to sit down working when you wake up until you go to bed. How many chairs have you broken since? If you think this is not a big deal at all, think again. You might end up in pain one day if you don’t start paying attention to your health. Please take good care of your health as you are building your wealth. You don’t want to spend most of your hard earned money in hospital.

Just like you guys, I have been pursuing for money making opportunities online for a long period of time. I spend long hour blogging, researching online and reading other blog posts every day. Sometimes I even forgot to take my bath or have my meals when I’m focusing on writing an interesting blog post. Thus stomach problem like acid reflux often strikes me once in a while. I thought I was young and nothing serious will happen as I’m a healthy person. One day I wake up in the morning experiencing severe headache. The pain was at the back of my head and my neck felt stiff. The pain was relief or ease when I lie down but the headache becomes severe when I was standing up or sitting down. I couldn’t work or drive for 2 weeks. I was in bed most of the time. Doctor told me that I had a stiff neck. It might be due to my sleeping posture and my pillow. Doctor also prescribed some pain killers, muscle relax pills and vitamins. Over a month I try to adjust my sleeping posture and searching the best pillow for my neck. The headache did ease up little bit after two months but the pain still occurs once in a while. This actually is disturbing my work because I need to lie down whenever headache strikes.

One day a friend of mine found out my condition and suggested that I should visit an orthopedic specialist. According to my friend I might have injured my upper spinal. I took the advice and visit the orthopedic specialist introduced by my friend. Once I described all the symptoms I had and the horrible 3 months experience lying on the bed most of my time, the orthopedic specialist told me that my headache is due to the stiff neck. The specialist also told me that the stiff neck is due to the injured back shoulder muscle. Basically it was because of my long hour of using computer sitting down and smartphone when I was on the road. My posture was bad when I was using the computer and smartphone. My head was bending down most of the time. The combination of my bad sleeping, standing and sitting posture finally injured the muscle of the back of my shoulder and eventually causing the headache. Besides prescribing some medicine just like any other doctors, the orthopedic specialist also suggested physical therapy.

There are 3 stages of physical therapy that I’m doing. First is using the electronic pulse massager, then the ultrasound massager and finally cervical traction. I went through 15 treatments over one month period and it actually feels great. It is way better than taking those muscle relax pills. Currently I am no longer having headache and I’m back to my work again. It was an unforgettable experience because I never had headache for such a long period of time. After this incident I started to pay attention to my posture when I’m sitting down doing my work. I also bought a contour pillow to suit my sleeping posture. I even bought a portable electronic pulse massager, ultrasound massager and cervical traction so that I can continue the treatment myself at home. Of cause this was done after consulting with my therapist because I have to learn how to use the equipment properly.

This is actually an occupational hazard. Given the fact that many people will be using computer and smartphone to work, similar symptoms or cases just like me are increasing. So if you are just like me sitting in front of the computer for a long period of time trying to make money online, be careful and start paying attention to your health. Try not to sit too long. Stand up and walk around after every hour of using the computer. Take the advice by every doctor that I have visit – “Stand up and start exercise daily”



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