20 signs that say it is time to quit your job

Do not quit your job after checking out the infographic. You don’t have to make any decision so fast. Quitting your job without consideration or preparation is not the right way to go. Sometimes you might be just experiencing a short period of tired or bored. Even if you are trying to change your job or start your own business, don’t quit your job before you have a clean plan. Try to hold on to your current job as long as possible until your next job or business is clear or confirm. Always have a plan B or C if your main plan fails. Quitting your job basically means you are taking a risk for a better future. There is always a possibility that things do not turn out as expected. You have to prepare yourself mentally and physically if things do go as plan. Usually we tend to think about the worst case scenario. If you are still able to bear with it and accept the consequences, go ahead. I suppose this is what we call “No risk, no gain” We have to learn to take calculative risk in order to obtain fruitful result.



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