101 questions to ask before pursuing money making opportunities online

  1. Why are you pursuit for money making opportunities online?
  2. How much money do you want to make?
  3. Do you have a plan?
  4. Are you planning to do it full time or part time?
  5. If you’re planning to make money online full time, how long can you sustain and stay on before you receive a stable income?
  6. How will you support yourself while pursuing money making opportunities online full time?
  7. Do you love making money online?
  8. Do you passionate on making money online?
  9. What is your motivation for pursuing money making opportunities online?
  10. Do you have a mentor?
  11. Are you able to change your mind set?
  12. What is the advantage of pursuing money making opportunities online?
  13. What is the disadvantage of pursuing money making opportunities online?
  14. What is the potential and growth possibility of pursuing money making opportunities online?
  15. Is your health allows you to make money online?
  16. Do you have the physical stamina for the work?
  17. Do you have the emotional stamina for the work?
  18. Do you have the right personality?
  19. Do you have the right attitude?
  20. Are you confidence?
  21. Can you sell yourself?
  22. Are you a self starter?
  23. Can you work under pressure?
  24. Are you hard working?
  25. Are you resilient?
  26. Can you keep your promise and deliver the work as schedule?
  27. Can you manage or schedule your time properly?
  28. Can you delegate responsibility?
  29. Can you resist the temptation of too much freedom?
  30. Can you take the heat? You can’t make everybody happy. So can you handle critics?
  31. Can you handle loneliness and work alone?
  32. How do you balance your work with rest or relaxation?
  33. Can you weather the isolation of working solo?
  34. Can you focus and concentrate on your work?
  35. What is your background? Is your situation allows you to make money online?
  36. What is your work experience? Can it help to make money online?
  37. Do you need license for your work?
  38. Is your work legal?
  39. Does it involve any copyright issue?
  40. How do you follow up with your work?
  41. What are your short term goals?
  42. What are your long term goals?
  43. How much can you sacrifice in order to achieve your goal?
  44. What is the risk involved?
  45. Can you handle the risk?
  46. Can you take on challenges?
  47. What is your backup plan if you quit making money online?
  48. What are you good and interested at?
  49. Are you an expert in your field of interest?
  50. How fast can you learn?
  51. How do you acquire your learning materials?
  52. Are you creative?
  53. Do you see opportunities?
  54. Do you have the ability to make the right decision quickly?
  55. Can you adapt to the changes accordingly?
  56. Can you keep up with the fast changing situation online?
  57. Can you create an organize work environment?
  58. Can you understand and follow instructions correctly?
  59. Can you cooperate or work with people online?
  60. Are you productive or working without results?
  61. Can you multitasking?
  62. Can you take on multiple roles? Can you do advertising, content creating, marketing, designing, servicing, networking, etc?
  63. Are you preparing to take responsibility for any success or failure that might result?
  64. How much money do you want to invest?
  65. What is your budget plan?
  66. How much does it cost to make money online?
  67. How do you manage expenses and liabilities?
  68. Do you have the right equipment to make money online?
  69. Do you have the right software to pursuit for money making opportunities online?
  70. What platform are you going to use or build?
  71. What type of language are you going to use?
  72. What type of money making opportunities online are you planning to do? Blogging, Photography, freelancing services, affiliates, digital products, etc
  73. Have you explored all the options available to make money online?
  74. Do you have a unique idea of making money online?
  75. Does your idea provide values to readers or customers?
  76. Did you perform a study on the potential of earning on the topic that you are going to focus?
  77. Have you taken the time to decide which money making opportunities online best suits you and have the higher chance to success?
  78. Do you have a fast internet access?
  79. Can you get access to internet easily in your area and in your country?
  80. Does your country perform any restriction or filtering within the online content?
  81. What will your family feels about making money online?
  82. Do you love the lifestyle and activities of making money online?
  83. How much time can you work on your money making opportunities online?
  84. What kind of help do you need?
  85. Where can you find help?
  86. Have you research the market?
  87. What type of readers or customers are you targeting?
  88. How far can you go when helping your readers or customers?
  89. Have you research the competition that you need to overcome?
  90. Who is the competition?
  91. What are the activities or actions of your competitors?
  92. How do you receive money online?
  93. How do you pay money online?
  94. What is the final currency that you will be converted to use?
  95. What is the currency exchange rate?
  96. What is the involvement of income tax within your country?
  97. What are the fees you need to pay in order to withdraw money through your local bank?
  98. Is it worth the money earned after all the trouble?
  99. Can this money making opportunities scale and grow without your full attention?
  100. How long do you intend to make money online?
  101. Where do you see yourself after 5 years pursuing money making online?



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