10 Blogging Rules to follow

Before we start using the rules, we need to make sure that we have a passion to blog. We do not blog for the money or any other thing else, it just simply loves to blog. If you can figure this out then perhaps you may keep on blogging for years. After you have decided that you really love to blog and won’t stop no matter what, then perhaps you need to prepare few rules for yourself to maintain and keep up with blogging.

  1. Take your time to prepare your post. Never ever rush a post. It’s not just because you’ll make mistakes and misspell some words, but you’ll indirectly express the feeling of rushing a post to your readers. This might make some of your readers disappointed as they are expecting something better from you. Plus, rushing a post might just create a low quality work. If you really have to rush, there is couple of things that you need to even if you rush, research and proofread.
  2. Check your comments. You need to go through your comments each day. It will be better if you also go through your spam comments as Akismet might throw out some good comments. That is if you have the time and there aren’t receiving too many comments, but for beginners you should take all comments seriously. You don’t have to answer all the comments but you need to reply to those that knock on your door.
  3. Target your Readers and Google Search Engine. I know it’s hard to focus of both but if you really want good results, that’s the best way to do it. When you’re constructing your post, tuning your post with keywords for Google Search Engine and making sure that your readers understand what you trying to say can be difficult. You just have to proofread your post couple more times. The most easy way is to replace “it, the site, they” with the actually name or phrase. It may sound strange but as long as your readers can understand it, why not.
  4. Keep your post simple and direct to the point. Your time is just as important as your readers. So keep your story short and direct. Not many readers like to spend 20 minutes just to read your blog. I suppose they have other blogs to catch up with too. Also try keeping your post as simple as possible. Don’t try to show off how good your language is, the point is try to get as many people understand what you trying to say. That’s increasing your scope of readers. Besides you don’t want to confuse your readers or mislead them.
  5. Do not copy and paste the work of others. If you really have to do it, please consult for permission before taking any action. When trying to post the work of others, don’t just copy and paste directly. At least you need to include your opinion and some of your thoughts. Posting it 100% the same as the original post will get you and the content owner punish by Google due to duplicate content. This is not good either for you or the content owner. At the end of the post it will be better to give a link back to where you obtain the material.
  6. Reply to those who took the time to contact you. It is advisable not to expose your email as you’ll get spam with thousand of junk mail. Still you need to find a way to let others contact you. The best way is to make a contact form to let others get to you without exposing your email. After getting your email messages, you need to decide whether or not to reply. Some emails might seem junk or spam but it is better to reply a simple reject note.
  7. Check out other blogs and say hi. People read and learn from your blogs. They leave comments or contact you. We all need to do the same thing too. We need to read and learn from other blogs. Plus write some comments or perhaps contact others too. This goes around and around, thus we call it creating a community. Luckily we have other community sites that help us make this easy. Sites like MyblogLog, BlogCatalog, MySpace, FaceBook, friendster and many more are created to bring bloggers together and closer. Interaction and communication between bloggers can help improve and grow our blogs.
  8. Learn to give before collect. Learn to give out free before you start collecting fees. You can give out free reviews, free ads space or any other things that you can offer. Don’t expect anything in return at the beginning as mostly the best thing that you can get might just be a backlink. Normally you’ll see the effects only after few months of continue give away. The best way to do this is to prepare a contest or sponsor for other contest. You don’t have to give away expensive stuff, any simple things like 1 month free 125×125 ads is good enough.
  9. Gather any traffic that you can think of. What a blog needs is traffic. It doesn’t matter what kind of traffic, just bring someone to visit your blog. How good the traffic is merely depends on how you make use of it. You can get a lot of traffic from EntreCards, Google Adwords, search engine or Adgitize. As long as you can bring someone to visit your blog, that’s good enough. The rest is up to your blog to attract people and make them stay and read. That will have to rely on the outlook design of your blog and the content.
  10. Updating always. Blog is no something that you set it up once and leave it there for others to visit. It’s actually a place for you to interact with your readers. Thus keeping up a regular update or posting is very important. It’s like telling people that I’m still here, you can always expect something from me and I’ll be here to listen to what you have to say. When you’re able to transfer this intention through your blog to your readers, you’ll be expecting lots of return visitors. You can change you posting tempo from time to time but never ever stop posting.

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6 Responses to “10 Blogging Rules to follow”

  1. Jeet says:

    I will add another point to it, people should also go back and read their posts after 2-3 months. This makes them notice the mistakes they make and possible improvements.

  2. Kumo says:

    Good point. As things change fast online, a lot of useful info today might be outdated tomorrow.

  3. George Serradinho says:

    Some great points you have listed. One point I would of also noted was to use images in posts. I have seen many posts whereby it’s just wording, the post looks dull and boring. Images also speak a thousand words 🙂

    I like the comment Jeet wrote, I never really thought of doing that.

    I do my best to comment on what others have commented. I also visit their sites to see what new posts they have. I have also installed CommentLuv plugin so I can give some love back and see their last post. When I visit other sites, I check out their last posts and if it catches my eye, then I visit their site.

  4. Also, you need to follow good structuring of posts 😉
    No offense, but you have to make posts easier to digest for the readers. Images also works. It enhances for one, it provides a fats way to connect to the topic too.

    As for the rest, good work. My double thumbs up!

  5. Stefan says:

    I would also like to add “don’t write when you’re emotional”. We’ve all seen it, someone writes a angry post and after several harsh comments, he decides to remove his post, leaving the window open to several more harsh comments.

  6. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing. Perhaps I can change the title of this post to 20 blogging rules to follow.