You have to educate your customers before and after selling your product or service

Pursuing money making opportunities online is not as easy as you think. Depending on the amount of money you are trying to earn, making money online can be easy or hard. The gap between doing it full time or part time is wider than you can imagine. If you are trying to make a lot of money online and hope to build a full time business, you will have to give it 100% of effort.

Before you try to sell your product or service, you need to educate your customers first. Some customers might not aware or understand the product or service that you are selling. Once they know the benefits or purpose of your product or service, than only they will start consider if there is a need to purchase it or not. This is one of the basic steps of selling product or service online. Sometimes customers may not realize the need of purchasing your product or service. You need to educate or teach them the benefits of using your product or service. This is the most difficult part. How do you catch the attention of customers and make them listen to your story. If you are trying to make customers read through the long article of explanation that fills with technical words, it’s going to push customers away from your site.

One of the best ways to make customers become interested in your product or service is by using short video clip. Create short video clips about your product or service that are not more than 5 minutes. The content of the video clips should focus on introducing your product or service in brief and the result or benefits of using them. You don’t have to explain everything. Customers who are interested after watching the video clips will contact you if they have any question. When customers do contact you, make use of the opportunity to educate and teach them. Don’t worry if they still don’t purchase your product or service. Usually only 10% of customers who are reaching out to you will purchase your product or service. This is considered good if you are just starting to build your business.

After your customers purchased your product or service, you still have to continue educate them. You need to teach and guide them so that they can make a full use of your product or service. You need to make sure that your product or service is able to bring benefits to your customers. Sometimes you need to explain to customers so that they are well prepared to receive the result or outcome of your product or service. Don’t let customers catch by surprise as this might scare them away. Make sure that they are mentally well prepared to handle the result or changes due to your product or service.

All the above is just the basic customer service required if you are planning to sell a product or service. It is not much different compare to offline business. A good customer service will definitely help brings in businesses, regardless of online or offline.



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