14th Installing WordPress Plugin

Installing Plugins for WordPress should be easy if you know how to upload a new theme. You can find information regarding plugins and guide to install under WordPress Codex. I’ll put up a simple step by step instruction on how to install plugin. I know that it’s an easy task but still you have to know the method in order to do it right.

  1. Download and save WordPress plugin from the net. The file that you download should be a single zip format.
  2. download plugin
  3. login to CPanel >> File Manager >> public_html folder >> wp-content >> plugins.
  4. filemanager
  5. Click on Upload file(s).
  6. pluginfolder
  7. browse and select the zip file that you download previously, then press upload.
  8. uploadfile
  9. Once the zip file appear in your file manager, click on the file.
  10. clickonfile
  11. Click on “Extract File contents” (your cpanel should have the extract function ).
  12. unzipfile
  13. Login to your WordPress >> plugins >> plugins.activateplugin
  14. You can now see the plugin that you upload in the list.
  15. Click on “Activate” to turn on the plugin.

Some of the plugin required you to make some changes to the templates or files. Make sure that you understand it completely before doing it. It is better that you backup your WordPress before making the changes, just in case.



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6 Responses to “14th Installing WordPress Plugin”

  1. Mert Erkal says:

    Very good. I guess it will be better if you add a screenshot from WordPress.

  2. Debo Hobo says:

    I find that a lot of times I have to make changes to the code but the instructions that they provide don’t give enough detail. They think that every one is living in a computer lab and are mad scientist computer geniuses and that most often is not the case. So I wish they would give more details and include screen shots as well.

  3. Kumo says:

    Good point. I’ll take some pictures and edit the post later on. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

  4. my route;
    1. I go to my plugin dirctory thru ftp and copy the folder into it

    2. Then thru admin penal activate the plugin

  5. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing another way to do this. As long as the method gets the job done then it’s fine for me.

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    Very nice information. Thx a lot I’ll try to dot it to my WP blog….