Why are my Google AdSense earning down?

I think this is the kind of question almost every publisher asks occasionally. It might seem to have a lot of reasons behind but unfortunately we can never know exactly why. One thing for sure is that Google AdSense earning can never be stable even if you done nothing wrong. Especially when Google updates or changes their search algorithm, you will definitely experience some point of earning fluctuation. Good news is that you Google AdSense earning might go up, if you are lucky. My advice is tried not to concern too much about your Google AdSense earning. It will be better to focus on creating multiple source of income. This is the only way that you can be sure that your income is able to maintain at a certain level. Check out the blog post title “Why are my earnings down right now?” from Google Inside AdSense. The blog post provides some interesting guide which you can try when you are experiencing Google AdSense earning down. Please be remind that even if you are able to carry out the suggested solutions perfectly, there is still no guarantee that your Google AdSense earning will be going up.



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