What is the next step now that my blog about dogs starting to gain lots of readers?

It started off with a simple blog that talks about her daily dog walking services and any topics related to dog. Now that the blog starts to gain some traffic, my friend call me up again and ask what more she can do with her blog to make some money online. Although her main focus is providing dog walking service offline, she likes to expend her service or creates additional source of income.

Honestly there are many ways to make use of her blog to make money online. I have so many ideas on mind but only the right suitable method can help create another source of income without affecting her present work flow. Below are some of the ideas that I can think of.
The first idea is to sign up Google AdSense and place ads on several locations within the blog. This method is easy and does not require much attention. Once the ads are setup correctly, she can go back focusing on blogging and attending to readers.

She can also sell ads direct or manually using part of the space on her blog. This method required some attention as she needs to deal with advertisers and learn ads placement correctly. She will need to setup a page mentioning the rules and guidelines for placing ads on her blog.

Selling and promoting digital products related to dog can be a good idea too. Clickbank, CJ and other affiliate sites offer lots of digital products in PDF file that she can promote and sell. One of the most popular digital products sold online is about how to train a dog. She can choose to sell any available digital products from the sites or write her own product. Obviously the profit margin is greater if she is able to produce her own digital product. But that’s another big subject that she needs to learn.

Instead of selling digital products online, promoting physical products works fine just the same. It is all about how to convince readers or customers to pay for the products we promote. She can basically sell anything if her readers or customers trust her. The best way to sell physical products is through Amazon. It will be best to avoid handling the real physical products because it saves a lot of trouble dealing with stock, delivery and warranty issue.

Any of the ideas mention above is proven and many people are actually making money online with it. But still it doesn’t guarantee success for anybody who tries. At the end of the day I leave it for my friend to decide which idea she likes to try. My advice to her is not to rush things. Focus on creating good quality content. Any of the above ideas won’t work if the blog does not have high amount of traffic or readers.



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