Ways to create Good Quality Content

How do we create good quality content? In fact what is the definition of good quality content? If we are hoping to generate lots of traffic, we should refer to Google for the definition. But if you think about it seriously, good quality content should be able to spread information to readers easily and fulfill their needs. A good example of website that has good quality content is Wikipedia. But if you are trying to create good quality content for blog, the Wikipedia way is not quite suitable. Blog should be fun and entertaining to read. Wikipedia is just too boring and it feels like reading a heavy book of encyclopedia. I suppose nobody will read it unless they are researching for information. Although there isn’t much different when you are trying to produce good quality content, it is the writing method that separates a blog from a website like Wikipedia. Below are some of the methods that you can use to produce good quality content.

Basically the method of producing good quality content is about the same as what you have learned in school when you are learning composition. For every blog post or article that you produced, there must be a goal, reason or point that you are trying to deliver to readers. It actually doesn’t matter how many words the article or blog post has as long as you are able to deliver and explain the message clearly. It also doesn’t matter how many points that you are trying to deliver as long as readers are gaining benefits. Most important of all readers are feeling happy and satisfied after reader your blog.

Honestly, I think the method that we learn from school can be the foundation of producing good quality content. First we state our point. Next we explain and elaborate our point. Then we research for facts, statistics or figures to support the point we state. Finally we include one or two examples to make it easier to understand. It might sound a bit boring but at least we come out with the basic structure of good quality content. After that it is up to you to make it sounds interesting.

Remember that if you put yourself in readers’ position, you should be able to write a fairly good blog post. Try to make use of the words who, what, how, when and where. Think about the questions that readers might ask and include the answers into your content. And finally try to use simple and easy understanding words. A blog is worth nothing to a reader if he or she is unable to understand what is written.



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