Understands how search engine works is the fundamental basic for pursuing money making opportunities online

In order to be successful in making money online, one of the basic fundamental is to understand how Google search engine works. Either you are selling products, providing services or writing blogs, you will need a lot of traffic in order to generate a good amount of income. The best way to generate a lot of traffic for free is to learn how Google search engine works. Consider this as a game and the goal is to get lots of traffic for free from Google search engine. Check out the blog post title “Webmaster Academy: How Search Works” from Google and Your Business blog. The blog post provides a basic explanation on how Google search engine works. There is also a video clip which helps to give a visual look at how Google search works. While checking out the blog post and video clip, take note on keywords such as Googlebot, spidering, crawling, cached, ranking algorithm and so on. You will encounter such keywords repeatedly when reading other blog post related to SEO, Google search and page rank.

This is the first important step for beginners who are trying to gain traffic from search engine. Once you have learned the basic about Google search engine, the same concept can be applied to other search engine such as Yahoo and Bing. Although they have a different search algorithm but the basic features are still the same. A basic understanding of how search engine works can help structure your blog or website in a way which attracts traffic better or search engine friendly.



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