Two Money Making Opportunities Optimizations Guides from Google Adsense

Finally Google Adsense launches two optimizations guides which help to increase Google Adsense earning. The information is very useful especial for Google Adsense beginners. Publishers can find the information in the latest blog post title “Two new optimizations guides: One Click Optimizer and Optimization Lab” from Google Inside Adsense Blog.

The first Optimizations guide is the One Click Optimizer. Basically you’ll find examples of pictures with best Google Adsense ads location within news site, classifieds site, game site, forum and blog. The pictures show best ads location placement in ads types and sizes. As there are different pages within a site, the pictures examples also covers homepage, content pate, category page, listing page, search results page, play page, information page, post page and article page. New publishers who are at beginner stage can choose the best examples which suit their sites and try to implement it as close as possible. Starting from there publishers can adjust their sites according to the results to optimize their earnings.

The second Optimization guide is the Optimization Lab. This is the part which you’ll learn a lot of tricks to modified and adjust your site for maximum profits. You’ll learn how to increase CTR, boost impressions, lift CPC and work on Google Adsense for search optimization. There are some HTML code suggested which you can try out but be sure that you know what you’re doing.

Personally I like the One Click Optimizer better because it has lots of pictures examples of which part of site I should place the ads. It also tells the publishers which type and size of ads to use. New Google Adsense users can straight away follow the steps without having to consider much. I suppose that’s the best and fastest way to show people how to make money using Google Adsense.



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