9th Listing Your RSS Feed to Increase Traffic

This is something that I found out few days ago. It seems that listing your RSS Feed at the Feed directories can increase traffic too. The purpose of doing this is to get some backlinks from the feed directories. I think this is a one time job that benefits for a long time. It’s just the same as planting a seed and waiting for it to grow.

I get to know about this from Someuseless.info and I’m going to link the post. I just feel like give some credit for the blog for sharing this great info. You can check out the 50 RSS Feed directories listed there.

P/S: It’s true that you’ll get more traffic if you have a unique and original content. But then we don’t know everything. All we can do is just keep on learning and exploring new things. Sharing good things that others blog about is not a bad idea. Besides, every blog have different readers and all I want to do is to share the good things that I found with my readers.



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2 Responses to “9th Listing Your RSS Feed to Increase Traffic”

  1. keeyit says:

    thanks for the tips

  2. Kumo says:

    Hello, keeyit. Please drop by again.