Tips and Ways to Collect Email for Your Email Marketing Business

One of the basic things required for a successful email marketing business is having a big list of emails. Collecting a big list of emails is easy. Collecting a list of emails that you can sell products again and again is not easy. Before we started to collect emails using all the methods we know, it’s best to think if the person we email will be interested in the topic and probably consider purchasing the products, or maybe just take a look at the email at least. Below are some tips and ways that you can use to collect emails for your email marketing business.

One of the best ways to collect emails from people who are willing to read the stuff you send is for them to provide emails without offering anything in return. In order to do that you have to state your intention of getting their email and explaining what they will be receiving. Ideally that should be the way to do it but the problem is we might not be able to gather a big list using the honest way. But bear in mind that this simple honest way is the best way to gather emails from people who will take a look and not list your email as spam email. The question is how we increase the number of emails having to hold on to this concept. One simple way is provide an email subscribing box in your own blog. You may provide topic related reports or newsletters which you consider value added. Your email contact form can also act as a way to collect emails too. People who are interested or requested for more information related to your blog are potential readers and can be listed into your email collection. When you replay your email or using auto responder, be sure to include email subscription link within. People might sign up if your emails are being forwarded or circulating among friends. Pop ups option for sign up on blog or website is the most popular method used by email marketers. Although I don’t like pop ups, but this method seems to be able to capture a lot of emails. You can either place the pop ups at the beginning once visitors arrive to your blog or at the end when visitors leaving your blog. You can promote and advertise your email subscription link any way you like either in forums, social community network or comments but you need to state clearly as what subscribers will received.

Finally you can offer eBooks, advertising space or some other free give away items in return of an email subscription. Although this is a very effective way to collect lots of email in short period of time but it must be handle carefully to get the emails that you want. In other words, the emails that you’ll receive are very much depending on the stuff that you give way. Take for an example if you’re giving out FREE WordPress theme or Amazon discount coupons, you might receive emails from people who are not interested in your topic or the products that you’re going to sell. Mostly you’ll be collecting emails from people who are interested in WordPress theme and Amazon discount coupons only. I would suggest that you offer free give away stuffs that are related to the products that you’re going to sell. I’m sure those who are interested in signing up for FREE money making opportunities ebook will be also interested in purchasing making money online ebook.

P/S: You may apply the same techniques used in email marketing on twitter or FaceBook. If you’re able to gather a large among of subscribers on both platforms who are interested in your topic and products, you still can make sales just like email marketing business.



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4 Responses to “Tips and Ways to Collect Email for Your Email Marketing Business”

  1. George says:

    I agree, freebies like free ebook or wallpapers usually help to collect emails. It is a long term process, but if you create something unique it can go viral.

  2. PR Firms says:

    Getting the trust of people is really hard. You must think of a unique way on how to gain their trust in gathering their emails. I am thinking a way on how to market my business and I must thank you for the idea. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Email Delivery Rates says:

    Giving away freebies like Ebooks, promo codes, and coupons in exchange for their email address is a very effective strategy in making your list bigger. Also in addition it is targeted on that way. Targeted list are more important than anything else.


  4. I believed that collecting a big list of emails for the email marketing is easy if we can create some strategies on how to do it.For me one of the most effective way could be providing them something in return just like what you have mention to offer them ebooks or some other give away items in return of an email subscription. Thanks for posting this useful tips! I will surely apply this on my business.