The way you present your site determines the potential amount of money you earn

In order to generate a huge amount of traffic to our site, we need to create high quality content. Google search engine will identify high quality content and introduce to viewers by placing a high page ranking. That is particularly design for this purpose. This is basically most site owners understood. But still there are some sites that are unable to generate traffic and make money online. These sites are too having great content but unfortunately success doesn’t arrive or getting any closer. There must be something missing or steps forgotten which makes it such a different. Check out the blog post title “Put your users first with the four S’: Speed, Scroll, Style, Simple” from Google Inside AdSense. If you are having trouble generating traffic and make money online successfully, perhaps this blog post might give you some clue or idea.

If you have great content but are unable to present it to your users or viewers, you might actually fail to make money online.





These are the 4 steps introduces in the blog post above. Obviously speed is the most important criteria of all. Viewers hate to wait. How long do you think viewers will wait for your site to load? My guess is less than 10 seconds. Especially for mobile users, the time limit is much lesser than expected. Remember that you need to test the loading time of your site both in desktop and mobile platform. Each second of loading time you are able to reduce increases your success rate in making money online. Scroll is something which ever internet users do when they go online. It is similar as breathing or walking. It is a basic action. Thus we need to make sure that this basic action is able to carry out smoothly and comfortably. The style of our site is usually the most difficult part to decide. If we want viewers to feel good and have a special experience, the loading time might be affected. Usually it requires more data to load images, videos, JAVA and HTML program. Most important of all it is the ads style that you choose to place in your site. Some ads style for example video and program ads require longer loading time due to the amount of data requires to run. Simple is always good as you’ll get the shortest loading time. But a simple site can be boring. Especially if you have a site fill with complicated technical wording, viewers can get bored and sleepy.

At the end of the day, it is about balance. Keep your site as interesting as possible while maintaining a low minimum loading time. It might be difficult to achieve but possible. As long as you are able to make money successfully, the loading time of your site is acceptable.



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