The best topic to blog about can be found within your own blog

When you are running out of ideas to blog, it is best to take a look at your previous blog posts. You may even start reading from the first blog post. I’m sure you will be surprise to find that there are lots of things that you’ve miss out when writing your first blog post. Rewriting those blog posts and adding those missing points gives you lots of rooms to continue blogging. Especially if the blog post is several years old, lots of new information can be introduced. You might even need to rewrite the blog post with entirely new information. The methods, tips, guides or information written in the old blog post might be outdated and inapplicable right now. While doing so, it will be a good idea to edit and improve the old blog post. I’m sure after years of blogging, your writing skill have been improved a lot. The method of explanation and grammar of the old blog post definitely need some tuning. You may also need to check the links within the old blog post and see if they are still valid.

When you are writing new blog post discussing about previous blog post, remember to include a link back to the old blog post. This way reader can have a clear idea about the things that you are referring and discussing. A link back to previous blog post also works well in search engine optimization.



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