5th action is to get FeedBurner

My choice of RSS feed will be FeedBurner. This gives the readers a choice of reading your content without going to your blog. This is not saying that your blog visitors will be reduced but in stead you have earn some loyal readers. The very basic rules that you need to keep in order for your readers to subscribe to your RSS is to post at a consistent basis and offer a full feed. Your goal here is to make it easy for your readers to read your content. If you work on this point, then people will start to subscribe your feed.

Once you set it up, the next thing you need to do is to increase the RSS subscription. I’ll skip this part for now. I’ll talk about how to increase the RSS subscription in another post. Having a large number of RSS subscribers is good as this represent that you have a lot of loyal readers. When there are many readers, then it is a good place for ads. This is where Feedburner Ads for blogs and Feeds come in.

Another benefit of having lots of RSS subscribers is that the value of your blog will increase under the evaluation of ads network. A lot of ads network will include RSS as one of the criteria to determine the price of your blog, take for example ReviewMe.

P/S: FeedBurner is now part of Google. You need to sign up a Google account to use FeedBurner.



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