Simple ways to find topics to write or blog

When you have been blogging for years and continue writing lots of blog post every day, occasionally you might be hit by a special day or moment where you just cannot think of anything to write or blog about. You might call it a blogging burn out or thoughts stuck somewhere in your brain. The fact is you just can’t write anything out and your mind just goes blank. When this happens, relax and don’t panic. Every bloggers have the same experience and it is normal. If you are worry about missing your daily schedule posting, here are some of the tips you can try out to help squeeze something to write about.

The simplest way to find something to write about is to read. The first place that you can read is your own blog. I’m sure there are lots of areas which you can update information as things changes really fast online. Some tips, guides or techniques which you posted before may no longer be useful or outdated. Some of the blog posts which you wrote months or years ago might not be as complete as you think. You can just create a new blog post with a link back to the previous post and start writing the things that you miss out. You can also check out the comments section. Your readers might request further elaboration about a specific topic or ask questions about the blog post you’ve written. Creating a blog post base on your blog comments or reader’s request can be interesting.

Sometimes instead of forcing yourself to write something out which might not up to the usual quality post, it is better to just take a break from blogging. Especially now that Google has make changes to the search algorithm, posting poor quality content can hurt more than missing daily schedule posting.



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