Simple tips on how to write good blog post

There are no bad articles or poor written blog post but only lazy or rush essay. Honestly, I think anybody can produce good quality content or blog post if they work hard and put more time into producing their work. But if you really don’t have much time to blog or write articles, at least go through the following steps before publish your work.

Use Microsoft Words or similar program to write your blog post or article. Although the program might not be able to correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes, at least it helps to filter out most of the common errors.

Make sure that you read and go through your work again. Consider the initial work as the first draft. Read through your first draft and edit your work if necessary. The second draft should be able to read through fluently. Publish at least your second draft.

Plan before you start writing. You can plan and think about the topic, content and references before you construct it into essay. You can do this any time without having to sit in front of your PC. Once you have a basic structure of how you like to write your article of blog post, you won’t stop typing once started. This can actually save you lots of time by not staring at the monitor thinking about what or how to write. Besides you might be able to write several articles or blog posts at once. There are some topics which can be split into several sections if you go into details.

P/S: Write smart and you will be able to save lots of time without sacrificing the quality of the content.



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