Online Money Making Opportunities from Craft is possible if

You love to stay at home and craft things. Your crafting skills are not the best but able to produce quality products. You have no problem selling your work to your friends and people around you. But if you are trying to turn your crafting hobby or interest into a business and try to earn a living, you might require more than just crafting skill to make it a success. Most people who are really good in crafting have no knowledge about starting a business or entrepreneurship. Marketing, sales, cost, accounting, tax, customer service and many other business terms are alien to them. You may hire others to take care of the business so that you can focus mainly on crafting, but you still need to learn the basic so that you can monitor and check your business. Unless you are able to hire someone that you can trust to manage your business, it is very risky to just let others run your business without you knowing much about it.

There are two problems when it comes to making money online crafting. As the products are hand craft, the quantity produce is limited. In order to make a profit or earn a living selling hand craft products, the price need to set at a higher range. As there are so many competitors around the world, there is always a similar hand craft product which sold cheaper. Thus you need to find the right customers who are willing to pay for the high price you set. In other words, what makes your hand craft product so special that it worth the price you set?

One way to solve this is to brand your hand craft products or skills. You can start by creating a blog and write about your hand craft products, skills and life style. You can talk about your passion of hand craft and the reasons behind your interest towards crafting. You may even provide tips and guides for those who are interested in learning hand craft. Include pictures and video clips as your readers will love to see your hand craft products and demonstration of your skills. At the beginning, you don’t have to mention anything about selling your hand craft products. Just focus on creating content and built up more traffic. When the time is right, your readers will start asking if your hand crafts products for sale or not. You just have to be patient. You can get a better deal for your hand craft products when readers start asking about it.

It might take some time before you can actually sell your hand craft products for a better price. Before that you can try to sell some of your hand craft products online at Etsy and Artfire. You might not get results that you are hoping for, but at least it serve as a place to promote your blog and brand. Don’t forget to introduce your blog to your friends and people around you. Make use of social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ for more exposure. Your crafting business will start to bloom when people are getting interested in your creation and design. It is the branding and uniqueness which increase the price or value of your hand craft products.



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