Money Making Opportunities with Google Adsense

I introduced lots of money making opportunities in this blog but it seems that I seldom talk about the popular Google Adsense. As I was going through my Google Adsense earnings, statistics, analysis and all related information, I decided to write a simple post on Google Adsense. I suppose you can find lots of similar information regarding how to setup Google Adsense and make money using your blogs. So I’m going to skip most of the part and just focus on my findings and speculation about Google Adsense.

Money making opportunities within Google Adsense are always there. The question is can you catch the opportunities. Honestly I think the guides, methods and tips are available online. If you are willing to invest some money, you can just purchase couple of ebooks on Google Adsense make money guide. One or two ebooks are enough to get you started. If you’re trying to start out without having to spend a penny, you can take some time to surf for Google Adsense related information. You’ll still find the same information but it’s going to take you some time. I did the search myself and it seems you’re not going to find any free information on how to make money using Google Adsense in the first couple of search result pages. You will only find free useful information after 5 search pages. But still you can check out the websites and blogs on the first page as these are examples of how people make money with Google Adsense.

The first thing that you need is a blog. You can either get a free blog or pay for a blog. Once you’ve decided to make money using Google Adsense, you need to have the determination to work on it for at least 6 month. It’s not a get rich fast program but rather a possibility to get rich program. You have to actually work hard and money only comes in at the very end. No matter what, I think at least a post a day is a must. That’s typically how most people start out with blogging to making money online. The one that continues to learn, improve, experiment and stays on eventually will see money comes in.

Currently the only way that you can make money using Google Adsense is to draw traffic from Google Search engine. Only organic traffic from Google search engine can gives you a decent income from Google Adsense. In order to do that you need to increase Google page rank and work on the keywords to get to first page of search engine results. Although you might get very less impression as only search engines are drawing most of the traffics, but you’ll get a very high click through rate. You can try to build links and backlinks but try not to use the traffic exchange or link exchange website. You can actually see a tremendous drop of earning from Google Adsense once you start using them.

There is one question that I always receive from my readers is “How many blog should I work on Google Adsense?” The truth is it depends on individual as how much time and effort you willing to put on. One thing for sure is that it’s easier to create more blogs to make money from Google Adsense then just focus on one particular blog. Although you can prepare the one blog by doing all the research on market, keywords and competition, but still it won’t guarantee success. Things changes a lot and fast online. It will be better to diversify the eggs into several baskets. I would suggest to work and focus on 7 blogs. Find the best 7 Niche that you’re interested and work on them. Compare their results and earning from time to time. Once in a while you can retire a Niche that is not doing well and tries to introduce a new Niche to your Google Adsense earning group. For start you may set a goal to make at least $100 per month from all 7 blogs that you created. This will gives you a big motivation as you can cash out from Google Adsense each month. I think you can reach this goal within 6 month if you really work on it. You can set a higher goal once you’ve reach the target of making $100 per month. It will be better to purchase a domain and server hosting for the blogs because once you’ve decided to retire them, you can sell them off instead of just terminate them.

That’s basically what you can do if you’re looking for money making opportunities within Google Adsense. You may start out with Google Adsense but during the process you’ll find lots of other money making opportunities. Eventually you’ll start to diversify your earnings. If you enjoy doing this, you’ll definitely success one day because you’ll keep on doing it. This is what I call having fun making money.



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  1. Matt@make money adsense says:

    A really clear explanation, will definitely direct people here when introducing them to making money online.

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  3. Patric says:

    I have never been very successful with Adsense in the previous years until now. I learn many things about smart placement and writing. Especially how to use Google trends and get high PPC keywords in my articles.