Mobile site or blog is going to have lots of money making opportunities in 2017

According to the data from blog post title “How to optimize your AdSense ad placement for mobile users” from Inside AdSense, web traffic from mobile devices are increasing every year. No doubt the number of mobile users will continue to grow in 2017 too. If you are hoping to make money online, it will be wise to target mobile users.

If you are targeting mobile users by creating mobile site or mobile blog, below is some useful information share from the blog post above.

  1. A large mobile banner at the top of the page earned the most money on my site
  2. Hide the sidebar ads in tablets and mobile
  3. The best ad grouping was top, middle and bottom

Although it is good to optimize your mobile site or blog, I think it is best to focus on growing your site traffic. As long as you have a large amount of traffic, you will be sure to make some money. Currently creating short interesting video clips and uploading them to YouTube probably is the best way to generate traffic.



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