Ideas to create Interesting attractive blog post title that draws traffic

Blog post title is the first thing that appears in front of users when they search online. Most users tend to browse through the list of search items quickly trying to find the information they are looking for. Thus they will only click on the blog post which seems to have the required information or appeared interesting. In order to get users click on the search result which link to your blog, you will need an attractive blog post title which indirectly says “Click me”. There are 10 search results in each page. How do you write your blog post title which makes users stop, read and click? This is much easier when using images or videos. Just do a search on anything and you’ll find that 2~3 images or videos are included in the search results. Regardless if the images or videos are interesting or not, it does capture our attention. Before you learn how to write a good article or blog post, you need to learn how to come out with an interesting blog post title which people will click on it. Good quality content can help get a higher spot in Google search result but it does not make users click. Below is an infographic from Verveuk to help you come out with killer blog post title.

best blog post title ideas



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