How do you produce a money making opportunity solution after identify a problem?

When there is a problem, there is an opportunity to make money. Frankly speaking, it is easy to identify and spot a problem. Coming out a solution for the problem is a much more difficult task. And if you are trying to make money from the solution created, it is way more difficult than coming out with a solution. It is actually a long process which requires a lot of time, energy and money. If this is your first attempt in pursuing for money making opportunities online by creating a solution, don’t worry about failure because most probably you are going to fail. There are just too many things that you need to learn and take care of along the process. So just relax and try to give it your best shot. Learn as much as you can during the process and do your best.

Now let’s say you have identified a problem and have a rough idea on how the solution will be. So what’s next?  Before you start putting everything you got to create your solution, do a brief research on your idea online. You need to check if your solution idea has the potential to make money or not. You might not be the only person who spotted the problem and came out with a solution. You need to check if you are facing competition. There might already have multiple similar solutions out there in the market. You need to decide if it is still worth investing your time, money and energy on your solution idea.

Next you need to decide how good you want your solution to be. In other words, how much money you need to invest in creating your solution? How long will it takes to build your solution? How much effort you need to put into your solution design? Regardless of how much money, time and effort you put it, you must estimate the date of completion. At the end of the day you must make sure that the solution that you are trying to create is successfully build. Don’t worry if the end result is good or bad. You have plenty of time for improvement later.

Finally you need to decide the way to make money using your solution idea. There are a lot of money making opportunities that you can use. So think about it carefully before taking any action. Do a research online and see which method suits you best. Focus on one method which you feel comfortable and confidence. Once you have successfully build the money making method, the next step is to market your solution. Introducing and marketing your solution is a continuously daily work. Of cause if you have the budget you can always hire somebody else to do the work. But if you plan to do it by yourself, online social media is the best place to market your solution. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the best social media sites to focus on.

The above is a brief elaboration on the things that you need to consider when trying to create your solution idea. It is a basic example and can be expand into a complex project. Take for example the solution idea that you launched initially can be repacking or relaunched by adding several improvements. You can also come out with alternative better solution and try to sell it to the same customers who previously purchase your product. The idea is almost the same like Microsoft Windows which continuously selling their operation system to the same customers over and over again. Be creative and think out from the box. There are many ways that you can make money. It is all depends on how you want to do it.



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