Google might know you more than you know yourself

The best way to serve customers is to study and understand them properly so that you can supply and fulfill their demand. This is what Google did in order to serve their ads in the most effective way. In other words Google is constantly trying to figure out who you really are. If you are curious about how much Google knows about you, take a look about the information Google has on you via below link.

The first thing that you need to do when getting a new android smartphone is to login a Gmail account. If you are hoping to make a full use of Google map, you need to grant access of your location details to Google. This includes your location history which means all the places that you have been through when using the smartphone.

When you login into your Gmail account via laptop or smartphone, your search and click history will be recorded. That means Google knows the sites that you have visited and Google ads that you have clicked on. This will provide information about the things that you are interested online.

You can also get a monthly report from Google about the activities that you have done on your account. That means the apps that you used, Google features and the software that you installed.

One of the interesting parts about your account activities you get to know is a list of all the apps accessing your data. The types of permission granted or revoke access before installing the apps are shown.

If you love to watch video via YouTube, your viewing habit also is being recorded.

You can test it out using two different computers with one signing in your Gmail account. The Google search results shown will be completely different. You can also compare the search results with several friends who are using Android smartphone. This goes the same via YouTube search too.

P/S: If you want to know a person in detail, check or take a look at their laptop, notepad or smartphone. You’ll learn a lot about them instantly.



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