Get your business mobile or smartphone ready

It’s not just me but almost everybody knows it is very important for businesses to be mobile or smartphone ready. And that includes Google too. Even if you own a small business that sells local coffee in a small town, getting your business online and accessible via smartphone can increase sales. Please take note that it is not difficult to get your business online. Let’s say if you really don’t know anything about computer and getting online. You just need to find a family member, relative or friend who knows little bit about online stuff or Google and you are set to go. Honestly, just ask for help from any high school kids and they will complete your task easily. You’ll be surprise on how much these kids know.

Basically you just need to complete 3 tasks to get your business online. First you need to create a website for your business. You can opt for blog or mobile site too. The important thing is to get your business name online by creating a site. List your contact, business name, address, and opening hours. Make sure to describe the nature of your business. Put up some photos and videos if possible. Secondly, list your company on Google My Business. This is to make sure that your business appears on Google Map. Customers around the area will have the chance to spot your business when they go online using smartphone. And Google map will lead the way to the location of your business. Third is to engage mobile users with social media. For this part you will have to learn how to make full use of your smartphone. You will be require to learn how to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other alternative social media sites. If you already own an expensive smartphone, it is a waste if you only know how to make phone calls.

Check out the blog post title “3 Simple steps to get your business mobile ready” from Google and Your Business. Step 1 and 2 are similar with the things that I mention above. You can try step 3 if you have extra money to advertise on Google. But honestly, I think completing step 1 and 2 is sufficient enough.



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