4th Start to Promote and Introduce Your Blog

Now that you have your blog and consistent content coming in, you may now start to let everybody know that you are in town. This is the part that says the more effort you put into it, the more you get. Meaning that the more people know about your blog, the more traffic you will get. There are a lot of forums, communities, social bookmarking sites that you can participate for the purpose of promoting your blog. For start, these are few of the popular sites that you should join and play around with it. Don’t just sign up and leave, be a part of it by giving out comment, edit your profile, add favorites, join other groups and communities.

1. MyBlogLog (No longer available)

2. Technorati

3. Digital Point

4. StumbleUpon

5. Digg

6. Del.icio.us

Assume that you have joined all the above and make it a habit of login to all the above sites once everyday, it should keep you busy for quite some time. Well, you don’t have to do it everyday, but it is best if you do it for the first 3 month. You will be surprise to see how much traffic that you gain after 3 months. One point that you should take note about is that for every other forums or community sites that you sign up, you must participate on their sites and put a little work on it. If not you won’t get any traffic out from it.

P/S : I’ll explain more details on what to do with the sites that I listed later. For the time being, just play around with it.



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