Get Paid to Blog Money Making Opportunities at Own Blog or Other Sites

I have been writing, reviewed and introducing lots of get paid to blog money making opportunities in this blog. Check out the Opportunities page and you’ll find lots of get paid to blog websites listed. As there are so many choices of get paid to blog money making opportunities, it is better to study and think it over before you get started. If you have lots of time to spare, trying and experiment all the money making opportunities is the best way to do it. You may learn a lot but still time is too valuable for testing out each and every money making opportunities website. Basically you can either choose to get paid by posting at your own blog or get paid to post at other sites.

If you choose the money making opportunities of get paid to blog at you own blog, you can go for sites like PayPerPost, SocialSpark and BuyBlogReviews. You will also need to have a well establish blog with certain amount of traffic to begin with. A fairly good writing skill and a blog with page rank 2 shouldn’t be difficult to get some writing projects. If you choose the money making opportunities of get paid to blog at other sites, you can go for sites like Helium, AssociatedContent and ConstantContent. You don’t need to own a blog to start. You just need to prove that you’re a good writer with the ability to create unique content. Once you’re accepted by the site, all you need to do is fulfill the writing requirements in order to continue get paid.

So the question is which method should you choose? Get paid to blog at your own blog was a very good money making opportunities until Google decided to punish blogs which accepted sponsored post by reducing page rank. If you own a blog and have the intention to pursuit for money making opportunities long term, I would suggest to for money making opportunities by blogging at other sites. My main concern is to avoid any action which might reduce the value of your blog either page rank or traffic. Honestly, I think accepting sponsored review at your own blog does not bring any benefits but just money earned for that post. When you choose to get paid to blog at other sites, you’re able to make money blogging at other sites while helping to grow and improve your own blog. You’re actually exposing your talent and ability to write in front of new audiences when you blog at other sites. Thus it helps to bring in new viewers to your own blog as well as creating chances for alternative money making opportunities. When we are able to gather enough traffic and content in our blog, we will be seeing success in making money blogging.



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