7th Decorate Your Site With Pay Per Click Ads

A couple of Pay Per Click Ads that you can use are Google Adsense and Bitvertiser. These two are the top 2 choices that I know for the moment. Thought there are some difficulties using them, meaning they started to make earning not so easy for publisher. Yahoo Pay Per Click Ads is in my waiting list because they still haven’t open up to international publisher. Only US publisher can enjoy their services. Well, that’s later. Now let’s talk about now.

Adding Pay Per Click Ads into your blog is not an easy task. Two things you need to keep in mind when you are trying to insert the Ads. First is try to avoid making your readers feel annoyed by the Ads you placed. Second is trying to get the best earning clicks for your blog. How do you do that? All you need to do is place yourself in different position when trying to insert the Ads. First you decorate your blog with the Ads. Placing it at all the area that you feel comfortable. Edit and change the color, font and the size of the ads to make it blend into your blog. After you are finish, view and judge your own blog as if you are a reader that stops by this blog. If you can accept the blog and like it yourself then your blog is halfway ready. Don’t expect other readers to love your blog if you don’t like it yourself.

Placing the ads by considering your readers first. Then only think about how to maximize the earnings. That’s because readers are main source of your income online, without them there’s no earning. I’ll talk about how to maximize your earning using Pay Per Click on another post. At the mean time just put on the ads any way you like. Take the first step without the pressure and enjoy it. You’ll feel happy if you see the figures in your account, even if it’s just $0.10.



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