Desktop website building strategy is not applicable on mobile site or apps

If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online via mobile, you cannot apply desktop website building strategy. The reason is simple. Mobile users are just not the same as desktop users. The characteristic or mindset of mobile users is totally different. You will have to learn everything from the beginning in order to understand mobile users or customers. Your mobile site or apps will have to build according to their interest and habit if you are hoping to make money online successfully. Check out the blog post title “Designing for mobile micro-moments” from Google Inside AdWords. A lot of guides, tips and resources are available to help improve mobile experience and drive conversions. Remember that the ability to learn and apply fast will determine your earning potential. Make use of the hub to view the studies which can help determine how you can develop your mobile site or apps for better engagement with mobile users. Designing and creating mobile site or apps base on what’s in your mind alone is not going to attract mobile users effectively. You will have to know the basic ingredient which attract and interest mobile users for start. Constant improvement and update is a must. This has to carry out according to the respond and feedback of mobile users.



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