Creating lots of blog post topic from a Simple How to

Sometimes when you are out of points and have no idea what to write, consider go back to the origin when you first started to blog. Just go back to the main theme or focus of your blog and start listing out all the possible related topics which you can write. Take for example if the main theme of your blog is:

How to make money online?

You may then start to breakdown the topic one by one. In fact you can even draw a concept tree as it will helps organize the topics. This way you can discover lots of topics which you are supposed to write but forgot all about it as you are too focus on one single point. By using the example above, I’ll try to present a method which you can expand and brainstorming your topic.

How to make money online?

You can make money online by blogging, selling articles, affiliate program, programming, selling photos, selling eBooks and many more.

So the next question you are going to ask is “How to start blogging?” Although there are some other ways listed above, I just pick one to ask the question as an example.

You can start blogging using a free blogging platform like Blogger or purchase a yearly blogging platform from a hosting company.

The next question to ask is “How to use a free blogging platform like Blogger?”

And you can continue to ask the “How to…” question and provide answers. Each time a question and answer provided, it is a big topic to write. In fact this is a detail step by step explanation on how to make money online. Once you are able to break the main theme or topic into small details, you can write a book for it. Organize your topic well and display it using a concept tree. So whenever you are running out of ideas on what to write for your blog, check back your concept tree. You will definitely find something which you like to write in detail.



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