Bounce rate and money making opportunities from Google AdSense

Bounce rate basically means the number of people left your blog or site after checking only one page. When your bounce rate is high, that means people are not interested of your blog or site. Google AdSense uses this information to judge the quality of your blog or site. In order to increase Google AdSense earning, you have to reduce the bounce rate. Basically you need to make your blog or site as interesting as possible so that people will check out your blog or site more than one page. A low bounce rate will be able to generate much more expensive ads which increase your chances of making more money from AdSense. Check out the blog post title “How to earn more money with AdSense by decreasing your bounce rate” from Inside AdSense.

The blog post above introduces several ways to help reduce bounce rate.

  • Do not use more than 7 sentences per paragraph
  • Keep your column width between 700 and 800 pixels
  • Organize your content with headers and sub-headers

Basically I think it is simply trying to make your viewers comfortable while checking your blog or site. Especially when a first time viewers landed on your blog or site, they will move on instantly if they don’t like what they see. In other words, the first impression is very important. If you are not confident in creating an interesting blog or site, at least try not to make your viewers hate it.

There are so many bloggers sharing experience and methods in creating an interesting blog or site. I’m sure you’ll find some ideas that suit your blog or site. You just have to learn and try it out. You don’t have to decorate your blog or site too much. It is consider good enough if you are able to make your blog or site a comfortable reading environment.

One very important point mention in the blog post above is targeted audience. You have to consider if your readers are using desktop, laptop or mobile. Different platform will have different display. You need to check if all of the displays are comfortable to read. Especially for mobile display, the small display screen can be difficult to read.



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