Blogging ideas for those who pursuit for money making opportunities

Blogging is one of the popular money making opportunities online. It is no doubt the easiest way but requires a lot of work in order to really make money online. The difficulties actually depend on the amount of money you wish to earn. If you are hoping to become a professional blogger and trying to make a living, it really does take a lot more effort than you can imagine. But if you are trying to make some extra cash just to help up your household financial burden, blogging might just be the suitable way to do it. And if you are planning to start a blog but have no idea what to write about, below are some suggestions.

Blog about books review
This idea is suitable only if you love to read. People love to read your opinions and thoughts. You might need to spend some money buying or renting books.

Blog about free gift, discounts and ways to save money
This idea is suitable for housewife who take cares of household grocery and expenses. When it comes to saving money, everybody will be interested to read about.

Blog about Test and experiment on products
This idea requires some investment in terms of time, money and creativity. One of the best examples is Bendgate who successfully draws a lot of traffic by bending IPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Another common example which a lot of people did is tried out beauty products on themselves.

Blog about details and status of work in progress
This idea is more like writing daily report on your work in progress. Usually this idea requires you to have a hobby which you constantly work on. Take for example if you love coffee and always striving for the best cup of coffee. You can blog about your progress of hunting and brewing the best cup of coffee. Another great example which a lot of blogs write about is their monthly earning status and their work in progress.

P/S: You can basically blog about anything as long as there are people interested in reading about it. The above are just some of the ideas which proven in attracting lots of traffic.



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