Basic Money Making Opportunities Plan for 2011

This blog has introduced a lot of money making opportunities websites and blogs for some time. I hope that you’ve found the right money making opportunities which are suitable to make some money successfully. I wish you best of luck in pursuing your dreams and goals in 2011. It’s the beginning of year 2011. Although most of you will continue with the usual money making activities online, but it’s good to plan and schedule your way. Below is my basic money making opportunities plan for 2011. It might not be the best plan but I hope that it can be an example.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense remains as my top priority in money making opportunities online. Google Adsense is not just one of my source of online income but it acts as a reference and guide on how I built my blogs. Although there are lots of statistics, data and guides provided to tell you how to build a successful money making blog, but there is no way you can tell for sure the tips works. So the best way to know for sure things work is based on the results directly. And Google Adsense is the best way to know for sure if your blog makes money or not. The money you make through Google Adsense from your blog reflects the amount of traffic and viewers who are interested in the ads display. If you’re able to make a lot of money with Google Adsense, that means you have lots of traffic with mostly buyers. Once you’ve successfully win the game of Google Adsense, you’re basically able to make money with other options. That is because your blog has gain the one thing that advertiser wants and that’s customers.

OIOpublisher Direct Advertising

I install OIOpublisher for direct advertising in this blog long ago but did not actually make full use of it until now. Other than Google Adsense, direct advertising is going to be my focus this year. OIOpublisher is a great convenient tool which allows me to start my own direct advertising like text ads, banner ads, inline ads and posts ads. There is also a coupons feature which allows user to give discounts on advertising in this blog. In order to make this direct advertising works, I need to convinced advertisers that this blog has enough traffic with customers that are interested with money making related products. Of cause I need to prepare this blog so that every penny advertisers spend on is worth it. I just need to make one advertiser who took the chance on advertising on this blog happy and I’ll be on my way of making direct advertising a success.

Affiliate Programs

One of the best money making opportunities is affiliate program. If you’re able to refer at least a thousand people which you gain 5% of what they earn, it’s considered a success and good deal. It doesn’t matter which affiliate program you’re promoting, you’ll make money as long as you’re able to refer a lot of people. Some of the affiliate programs that I’m promoting currently are SFI Strong Future International and Sponsored Tweet. Particularly for SFI Strong Future International, it’s a good long term affiliate program. We just have to put in a small amount of investment and little bit of effort in return for a huge potential income.

The above 3 money making opportunities areas are my main focus for this year 2011. There are a lot of other money making opportunities available and I’ve introduce most of them in this blog. You just have to choose the methods which are working and suit you. Remember that all roads lead to Rome. You just have to start making your move. That includes planning your way to start.



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3 Responses to “Basic Money Making Opportunities Plan for 2011”

  1. Ken says:

    I always try to stick to affiliate programs and selling physical products. Adsense have never really worked well for me.

  2. Josh says:

    Adsense is one of my favorite money making ways. I usually create blogs for high paying niche keywords which is working quite well for me. It just need 10-20 clicks a month.

  3. John says:

    I bet a lot on AdSense this year, few of my websites get revenue just from AdSense, I hope I will get good amount of money.