A simple method of making money online by selling products for 2012 yearend holidays

Christmas and New Year Holidays are the best time to make money online. Almost any products or services sell like hot cakes in this holiday. So if you are hoping to make some money online for this coming 2012 Christmas and 2013 New Year, it is time to get starting. First of all you need to pick a product or service to promote and sell. If you take a look at current event and the latest products launched, mobile devices should make a good Christmas present for 2012. Apple iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5 and iPad Mini just release lately. That goes the same with Windows 8 that specifically design for mobile devices. There is also Samsung with mobile devices such as Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note2. Although lots of people already get their hands on one of the above mobile devices during the first launching day, many people are still take their time to choose the best suitable mobile device. I think mobile devices should make a great present for this coming Christmas. If you choose to sell and promote mobile devices, below are some suggestions that you can try.

Get a blog, website or a mobile site and discuss about the pros and cons of mobile devices. You don’t have to review all the mobile devices, just focus on couple of mobile devices that you are trying to promote and sell will do. Those who are interested in purchasing mobile devices will definitely need some feedback and advices on which mobile devices suit them best. In other words, try to provide detail information to help customers choose the best mobile devices for their need. It will be best if you can create a video and demonstrate some of the functions and ability of the mobile devices. You can upload the video clip on YouTube and embed it to your site. Video reviews usually works better then explanation on words because customers can actually see the products.

You will also need to research and figure out the best way they can purchase mobile devises either online or offline. Try to explain and provide every option available. Information regarding how to purchase online should be easy to gather. Information regarding offline purchase or going for the nearest dealer shop to purchase mobile devices is a bit difficult to gather because more work is required. But it is definitely worth the time and effort because a lot of customers like to test and experience the mobile devices on hands before making any decision. Most important of all, try to get the best deal that you can get either it is online or offline. If you are unable to get the best discount price for the mobile device products, try to include other goodies like free gift, coupons, free services or even a lucky draw. Usually these are the things that attract customers and made them decide to purchase from you.

Finally, try to promote your site using social network site like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. You may also try advertising on Google Adwords, but that will require some investment. If you are hoping to save some money, it is best to make full use of social network sites and forums. As you are just targeting for this coming Christmas and 2013 New Year only, you don’t have to work on the search ranking of your site. You just have to work hard on reaching as many people as you can with your site before the holidays.

The above is just an example or a guide that you can try to make money online by selling a product for this coming holiday. Once you have fine tune the method or system and able to make money online successfully, you can apply it again on next year holiday.



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