3 Major Methods To Make Money With Mobile Apps Created

When we are trying to create mobile money making opportunities online, we usually begin by developing or creating a mobile app. The idea of a good mobile app is based on the needs of smartphone users. The idea of the app can be a game, work related, shopping, arts, music, personal improvement and many more. As long as the app can attract people and fulfill their needs, it is consider as a good idea. Once the app is fully develop, then only decide on suitable ways to make money online. Or we can take a look at various mobile money making methods and work our way up.

There are basically 3 ways to make money online with mobile apps. We can sell the apps per download, collect monthly subscription fees or give it for free with ads included. Selling mobile apps is the simplest method. Each time when an app is sold, the business deal is completed. This method works well for selling games, eBooks, tools and any other software application. Collecting subscription fee is suitable for apps which requires continues support or attention. This method can apply to apps which need server connection like an online game or multiplayer game. Mobile apps which provide constant services or updated information are also suitable. It is the extra effort of support or attention which makes the app suitable for collecting a subscription fee. Finally the freemium method of giving our mobile apps for free is the best method. A free mobile app can easily attract users. And if the app is good, people will continue using it and recommend to others. Apps developer can make money by simply include ads into the free app. This method is the best because it can build up huge number of users by giving it out for free. Apps developer can later offer an upgrade version by collecting monthly subscription fee for extra services or paying a onetime fee to remove the ads or include extra features.

Once you understand several mobile money making methods, it can help your apps development plan and monetize the app. You need a good idea to create a selling mobile app. You also need a marketing plan to promote the mobile app. And you definitely need to plan a best way to make money with the mobile app created.



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