2nd Choose Between Blogger and WordPress

I took quite some time to decide which free blogging platform is best to pursuit for money making opportunities online. I play around between Blogger and WordPress by creating several blogs. I also check out few other forums for information and opinion to help me with my decision. I did not purchase my own domain and blog hosting service because I am not sure what I should blog about. Before I decided on which path to go, I will go with the fee blogging platform temporally.

wordpressWordPress was my first choice at the beginning. Considered that I will be getting my own domain and blog hosting service, WordPress will be my blogging platform. So it is better to get familiar with WordPress at the beginning. Given that WordPress is the best choice for many bloggers around the world, my first own blog that I’m getting will be using WordPress too. It would be good to start learning about it with the free blogging WordPress.com. When I am ready to switch from free blogging platform to paid hosting, it will be easier then. Sadly there is one condition that holds me back from using it. WordPress.com does not allow third party advertisement. Plus I have seen many WordPress blogs taken off because they violate the terms and condition. Just to be safe, I decided to go with Blogger.

bloggerTo be honest, Blogger has more freedom towards altering the blog without being penalized. I suppose you have seen many Blogger blogs with extreme display and content. Thus I can put up as many third party advertisement, affiliates and links. Blogger allowed users to edit HTML freely, not like WordPress.com you have to pay to make changes. The best part that I like about Blogger is the widgets. It is easy to use as you can add and arranged the page elements just by click, hold and drag it to any part of the blog. This feature makes it very easy and convenient for beginner bloggers.

I chose to go with Blogger because it is easy to use. It allows third party advertisement. I do not have to worry about getting kick out. I was quite happy with my decision until the day I got my own domain and hosting. This is the time when I finally realize that I can not transfer my blog content from Blogger to my own blog hosting service. The question that I need to consider is do I start fresh or do I transfer my entire blog? At first I was thinking of transferring my entire blog. Unfortunately moving blog content from Blogger to WordPress is not an easy task and it seems like almost impossible. That is why I decided to start from scratch again. This way I need to maintain 2 blogs for a period of time before deciding to keep the previous blog or not. If I was using WordPress.com from the beginning then perhaps I might not have problems transferring my entire blog.

That is why I propose to go with WordPress.com in my previous post. The question we need to consider is that what benefits we can gain from choosing WordPress.com or Blogger at the beginning. Are you going to start from scratch or planning to transfer your entire blog when getting you own domain and blog hosting service. Well, these are the things that you need to plan carefully if you want to avoid the troubles and losses.

P/S: Ever since Blogger becomes part of Google, this free blogging platform is not so free any more. Your blog will be deleted if you violate Google terms and condition. Two of my blogs under Blogger are remove by Google since they take over.



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7 Responses to “2nd Choose Between Blogger and WordPress”

  1. deana says:

    hi, can you email me.i need more info on transferring wordpress (free blog) to domain

  2. dunn says:

    hi kumo!
    i have a blog. already using domain, but still host in blogger.
    if i want to host it myself, is it any easy way to move all the posts from blogger to own hosting? maybe using code or something. or i have to do it one by one?

  3. Kumo says:

    Well, I never did it before but as far as I know this is how you do it.

    After you get your own hosting services and install wordpress, you can export you blogger post to wordpress. This is how you can do it.

    1. Login WordPress, go to Manage, go to Import. then click on Blogger – “Import posts, comments, and users from a Blogger blog.” After that just follow the instruction.

    2. The second thing that you need to do is to transfer the images that you use from blogger. That’s because your images still linked to blogger. You have to manually save each image and upload them to WordPress.

    3. After that you need to delete your old blog to prevent duplicate content.

    I don’t think there is a quicker or easier way to do this. It’s a lot of work that’s why I choose to have 2 blogs.

  4. dunn says:

    thank’s, kumo.
    gosh, it’s gonna be hard cause my site contains lots of pics. 🙁

  5. Kumo says:

    Ya, it’s a lot of work when comes to transferring site. Another thing that you need to consider is the possibility of data lost during the transferring period.

  6. Traiziscaks says:

    Nice site keep it up!


  7. Kumo says: