25th Looking for stuff to write

How many of you ever have the feeling that “I have nothing to write”? Well, to be honest I have a couple of times with nothing in my mind to contribute for my blog. It’s just one of those days that my mind is just empty. Later on I learn a few tricks so that my blog will not be affected when my mind goes empty again. We are just human. We can’t avoid these things from happening but we sure can prepare of it. Here are some of the things that I prepare to keep my post on schedule.

  1. Catch your inspiration. Sometimes inspiration comes unexpectedly. You might be having lunch, taking a bath, watching TV or went shopping and you might just come out with some great stuff to write in the middle of it. Write it down immediately when this happens. If you wait for even a couple of minutes, you might forget about it. Sometimes it might happen right after you close your eyes and ready to go for sleep. Don’t wait until the next day, get up and note it down. Just write whatever that’s in your mind at that moment. You can reconstruct your content when you get back to it later on. A little bit of here and there eventually you’ll have something nice for your blog. Always have a pen and notepad around so that you can catch all your ideas. It’s just like what novelists do for preparing their book.
  2. Write ahead. Always have one extra article ready to put up at any time. When you’re in the mood of writing with lots of ideas to write, keep on writing and don’t stop. Don’t just write for the post today, write it for future posting. It is best to have several articles ready to post. Pick the best and reserved the rest for later.
  3. Read more. In order to create more output, you need continues input. You need to study or educate yourself by reading more. Any form of material that you read will comes in handy one day eventually. Books, magazine, TV, blogs, website or newspaper always have something good to share with their readers. Information is what you’re looking for. You might not know when you’ll need it but when you do, you’ll be glad that you learned it earlier.

The above mention is some of the basic simple things that bloggers should do to continue create great contents. There is no special method to do this. You can have it any way you like as long as you can come out something to write for your blog. If you’re comfortable with your method and able to write great content, I don’t see no reason why you should change it. Inspiration comes in any way, you just have to be sensitive when you’re reading, watching and listening.



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9 Responses to “25th Looking for stuff to write”

  1. Dunn says:

    You were right that sometimes inspiration comes unexpectedly. Most of the time when I wasn’t in front of my computer. But when the time I was, I forgot what I want to write already. 🙂

  2. Kumo says:

    That’s what happened to me too. My practice right now is to write it down immediately once I have something in my mind. I try to keep a pen and a notepad around me where ever I go.

  3. Great ideas! Looking forward to more.

  4. Sometimes we are really running out of idea.. I strongly recommend 2 and 3, Write for future posts and read other blogs, magazines and the likes..

    Nice post here!

  5. Kumo says:

    Thanks. Sometimes things might not turn out as what we plan. We just need to do our best and wish that the next day is a better day.

  6. ceblogger says:

    Sometimes, we get drowned in our own thoughts just trying to catch the inspiration. “I’ll blog about this or that” you might say while watching your fave TV show. Then you forget about it afterwards.

    There are also times when we lose touch of reality pondering on what to write, then miss an appointment.

  7. Kumo says:

    Well, as long as we don’t over do things than it should be fine. I think this applies to everything that we’re doing.

  8. Polina says:

    Great points. Especially agree to #1, as ideas do come to me when I don’t have anything to put them down with. I’ve started to take pencil and a blocknote with me, wherever I go, it helps:)

  9. Kumo says:

    Glad to know that someone is actually practicing the same thing like me. 🙂